Recruitment for postgraduate studies for teachers of vocational schools in the Biłgoraj district

The recruitment period starts on February 12, 2021 (8.00 am) and lasts until February 26, 2021 (9.00 am).
A project participant has the right to apply for financial support in the form of financing the costs of postgraduate studies,
who is a vocational education teacher or a vocational training instructor from the following vocational schools in the Biłgoraj district:

 Technikum Mechaniczno-Elektryczne w Biłgoraju
Technikum w Zespole Szkół Zawodowych i  Ogólnokształcących w Biłgoraju
Technikum Budowlane w Biłgoraju
 Branżowa Szkoła I Stopnia nr 2 w Biłgoraju
 Branżowa Szkoła I Stopnia nr 3 w Biłgoraju.

Fields of postgraduate studies applied for:
• Electric power engineering
• Internet and mobile applications
• Computer Graphics
• Modern make-up and styling – Painting in scenographic techniques
• Human nutrition and dietitian


more details in the “Regulations of the project”

Recruitment survey
Agreement template
Project rules