BIŁGORAJ COUNTY – implements a project co-financed by the European Union

“High competences certain professional future for students of vocational schools in the Biłgoraj district”

The value of co-financing PLN 4 703 141,42 which covers student internships carried out by the employer with a scholarship
of up to PLN 2 600 for the student and post-graduate studies for teachers of vocational schools in the Biłgoraj district. 

The main goal of the project:
Permanent higher quality of vocational education 5 vocational schools of the Biłgoraj district focused on adapting education to the local labor market
and high professional competences and attractiveness on the labor market 380 students and 222 students through student internships,
supplementing schools and improving the professional competences of 11 teachers by 09/30/2023

Recruitment documents and questionnaires adapted to the WCAG 2.0 standard ensuring access for all disabled persons are available:
at the secretariats and local project offices in vocational schools in the Biłgoraj district, on the project website (WCAG 2.0 standard)
containing various forms of information.
It is also possible to use the access services among others: sign language interpreter, assistant to a disabled person.
Detailed information on student recruitment at school offices and local project offices
and at