High competences – certain professional future of students of vocational schools in the Biłgoraj district

Source of financing, program: ROP LV, measure 12.4
Project no: RPLU.12.04.00-06-0010/19

Implementation period: from 01/10/2020 to 30/09/2023
Total project value: PLN 5 225 712,70
Co-financing value: PLN 4 703 141,42
Value of own contribution: PLN 522 571,28
Place of implementation: Biłgoraj district, vocational schools in biłgoraj district

Purpose of the project:
Permanent higher quality of vocational education 5 vocational schools of the Biłgoraj district focused on adapting education to the local labor market and high professional competences and attractiveness on the labor market 380 students and 222 students through student internships, supplementing schools and increasing the professional competences of 7 teachers and 6 teachers to date 09/30/2023.

Short description of the project:
Achieving the project goal will improve the effectiveness of education in 83% of schools in the supported area. The project will introduce permanent and comprehensive changes in vocational education of schools, improving the quality of vocational education and increasing the employability of students. Schools will increase the effectiveness of education by organizing student internships with local Employers and training on modern equipment meeting the requirements and equipping the workstations (for the amount of PLN 2 250 945,00). Implementation of internships will allow students to achieve practical skills in line with the expectations of employers, and the current professional knowledge acquired by teachers during the project will allow students to constantly increase the employability of students. There will also be additional classes aimed at increasing professional competences.